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Do not dismiss the treatment of a laptop, because once he was in trouble then the problems of our work will also increase. "Follow these tricks on how to care for the following for laptop you are free from problems." Read from Tag : caring for laptop

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Battery Care Tips
* Do not disassemble, crush, puncture, open, drop, damage, conduct a brief relationship, throwing into the water or fire, or put the battery in temperatures above 60C.
* Charge in accordance with the explanations in the manual and only in well-ventilated area.
* Never use another adapter of the adapter that has been provided in your laptop.
* Do not leave the battery in hot more than one or two days.
* Do not let the battery in your laptop more than 1 month without connecting with an AC adapter.
* Do not leave battery in storage for more than 2 months without recharging to prevent over discharger because it will damage the battery.
* Place the unused battery properly to protect the environment. Batteries contain hazardous chemicals, you should not dispose of household garbage or trash the office.

Tips for Maximizing Battery Life
* Do not leave your laptop connected to the mains and unused for several hours.
* Remove the battery if you do not use the laptop for a long time.
* Use alternately if you have a battery backup.
* If you work with an adapter for a long time, remove the battery from your laptop.
* Make sure laptop is turned off when replacing batteries.
* Store batteries in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Caring for Hard Disk
* Always backup your data files on the hard drive.
* Install anti-virus program to monitor viruses that can damage your files.
* Use ScanDisk to correct errors found in the directory and File Allocation Table.
* Do not move the laptop during the hard disk is being accessed.
* Do not shake the hard drive because it can make it broken.
* Use a disk maintenance program such as Disk Defragmenter from the Windows function to tidy up the existing data on disk.
* Install the system password on your computer so that others who can not use your laptop.

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How To Repair Laptop
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Quality Caring for LCDLaptop
* Leave the laptop lid is open approximately 10 minutes after the computer is turned off.
* Make it from your laptop power management to turn off the LCD power and display when the system is not active.
* We recommend using a screen saver.
Laptop Cleaning Tips
* To clean the plastic protector and keyboard, use a soft cloth, dampen slightly with a detergent or cleaning kit.
* Do not use alcohol, petroleum-based solvents, or harsh detergents to clean the laptop.
* Do not spray any liquid directly on the laptop, keyboard, or screen.
* Clean the screen with a gentle cleanser and clean the glass carefully.
* Do not use paper to clean the screen, the paper could cause scratches.
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Maintenance and Operation Tips
* Do not expose your laptop from shock or vibration.
* Do not put laptop on the surface is uneven / unstable.
* Do not put anything too heavy on the laptop.
* Do not expose your laptop from overheating or direct sunlight.
* Do not put the laptop in places where foreign objects or moisture vapor can affect the system.
* Do not use or store in damp laptop.
* Do not put the laptop in place that can cover the vent.
* Do not turn off power until you've closed all programs correctly.
* Do not turn off any peripheral device for your laptop is running.
* Do not remove the laptop itself.
* Perform routine maintenance on your laptop.
* Disconnect the power cable before installing the device peripherals
* One more, no less important, read the manual laptop given out your laptop manufacturer, always see the reviews and support from the website of your laptop.

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